Who We Are

Pillars Tutorials is an up-and-coming tutorial center located along Katipunan Avenue. We aim to provide excellent tutorial services, while bridging the gaps that make it harder for students to succeed. Working hand-in-hand with teachers and parents, our primary goal is to provide the support that students need to succeed in academics and in other areas of their life.

Tutorial Services

Designed by educators from UP and Ateneo, our programs are aligned with the courses offered in the country’s top universities. We are committed to hiring excellent tutors and providing our students with personalized programs best suited to their needs. Program offerings include remediation, guidance, and enrichment of the various subject areas. Want to learn a foreign language? We can help you out, too!

Transport Service

In Pillars, we understand that the struggle with traffic and transportation is real. This is why we strive to find solutions for students who have no available ride home after tutorials. We offer transportation service from the tutorial center to strategic drop-off points around the metro. For a minimal fee, students may catch a ride with us and choose a drop-off point near your home or a parent’s workplace. Our system allows parents to track you from the time you leave the center, until you reach your drop-off point. We may not be able to eliminate traffic in the city, but we will not stop looking for safe and efficient ways to bring our students home after tutorial sessions.


The brain cannot function optimally when it the mind is stressed or the body is tired--this is not rocket Science. (It is, in fact, Brain Science.) This is why students who feel burned out or stressed out fail to perform their best in school, no matter how hard they try.

Reiki is a Japanese method of healing and stress-relief that allows powerful, intelligent, and positive energy flow freely through your body, bringing you to a high state of relaxation. This enables students to focus better on lessons and tests, and calm themselves before they take an exam. In Pillars, our licensed Reiki practitioner can guide our students to a state of realignment and relaxation that allows them to get the maximum benefits of the tutorial session, and bring this positive energy even in their school and home. At its optimal levels, Reiki can help your body heal itself of ailments and pains that are chronically brought by a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle. Good mood, good sleep, and better stress management are some happy side effects too.